Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been doing a lot of research about organic food lately, or rather non-organic food, and it's making me kind of sick. It's making me sick that our government spends so much money on defense when really, we need saving from ourselves. Or rather from corporations. from soulless individuals. from the very science that often saves our lives. from greed.

I don't understand why the food practices that are in place aren't at the forefront of politics. I do understand though, I understand it's greed, I understand it's power and fear and secrets. So many secrets. It's not in politics because people are afraid of getting sued. The Oprah show was sued  in 1996 for having a man on who warned about the dangers of mad cow disease. Can I just say WTF?!?! How can you be sued for passing on information that might be vital to one's health? How can you be sued in AMERICA with our right to FREE SPEECH for exposing the health risks that food companies are exposing us unwitting consumers to? Oh, because the food company says so.

"Thirteen states to date have enacted "food disparagement" laws. Under previous laws, the food industry bore the burden of proof. In order to win a libel case, it had to prove that its critics were deliberately and knowingly circulating false information.
Under the new laws, however, it doesn't matter that Lyman believes in his statements, or even that he can produce scientists who will support him. The industry will be able to convict him of spreading "false information" if it can convince a jury that his statements on the Oprah show deviated from "reasonable and reliable scientific inquiry, facts, or data"--a legal standard which gives a clear advantage to the multi-billion-dollar beef industry, particularly in Texas cattle country --and particularly with respect to mad cow disease, an exotic illness whose characteristics continue to baffle researchers."

I know this is old news, but it's new to me and I'm mad that I'm being lied to every time I go in to a store or buy a product. I seriously doubt anything in my house (aside from the now organic food) does not contain harmful chemicals that are obviously being marketed as safe. 

I found this on a forum and I think it's a pretty good campaign for organic food all by itself (though perhaps with a little rewording):
"It appears the bugs and insects 
have more sense not to eat sprayed food. 
We humans have a lot to learn from them." 

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