Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some solid advice

so our professor
showed us this website today:
and someone says,
"that's awfully advanced"
(cause you know, it's really difficult 
to understand the difference
between the right and left
hemispheres of the brain)
and so my prof says,
"well it IS harvard"

fyi prof,
I got this. Harvard or not.

Other advice from tonight's class:
* Don't headbang to music - it's
not attractive and you don't have
enough CSF to cushion the blow.
Result: migraine.
* Don't step over the person
passed out on the floor
with alchohol poisoning.
Wake them up and encourage vomiting,
then provide vast amounts of coffee
to stimulate the parasympathetic
nervous system to create an equilibrium
with the overstimulated sympathetic nervous
system. Result: not death.

Solid advice neuro psych prof,
solid advice.

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