Saturday, May 30, 2009

oh Spanish, you exhaust me

Pretty sure I BOMBED my Spanish test.
It's not even worth my time to study for those tests,
it's never as easy as I think it will be.

If only i had access to


Friday, May 29, 2009

I HATE Spanish. I understand why we need to know another language BUT I think it should be taken into account that some people - people like me - have no capacity for learning another language. Perhaps I could learn to speak and understand enough to communicate, however I will NEVER know enough to be able to write complete comprehensive sentences. All I can say is thank god for free translators - or I would never make it through my homework.

Warn your kids, your GPA in high school haunts you forever. I took some dual enrollment classes in high school. Math - and if you know me, you know math and I mix as well as oil and water. Needless to say I did miserably and now those high school grades are following me around and dragging down my GPA. This is seriously annoying. I would have a 3.6 or so and qualify for Honors if it were not for my high school GPA. So I'm warning you, when it comes time for your children to take classes that may impact their college GPA think long and hard before you put them in those classes. If they don't care too much about school right now then it's your responsibility to NOT enroll them in classes that will hurt them later. Put aside your ego, put aside what's "best" for them, and do what's right - don't enroll them. They won't change just because they say they will, and it's not fair to pin a person's entire college career on the stupid things they do as teenagers in high school. You know this as well as I do, this is your reminder.

Gallbladder update.
Doing much better. I finally slept in my bed, on my side !!!YES!!! - ironically it's easier to sleep on the holey side than the other because of gravity I suppose. I was of course surrounded by pillows to keep me propped up. I'm still having breathing issues though. Dr. N. says it's because the gallbladder is right next to the liver and my liver was bruised when they were working around in there. He says that every time I breathe my liver gets squished by my diaphragm and that's what causes my pain. Also... my scars are not healing very well. I have 4 incisions, 2 small holes and 2 about an inch and a half long. The two long ones are a mess. There is one directly above my belly button and it looks as though half of it is still wide open, although it is not bleeding or anything. Oddly, I now have a little dimple inside my belly button - I'm assuming it's from the stitches pulling on it?. The other long one is right in the middle between my ribcage - well it's slightly offset to the right - and I seem to now have a very large dent there. Pat said it needs pounding out - oh Pat and his car analogies :) - it's very odd and I do hope it goes away.

We're moving back home soon!!! Well not home, home. I mean Pat's grandma is letting us use her rental house while we're there. SUCH a nice thing to do! I'm only a little nervous because we haven't been able to see the inside at all and Pat's mom said that it hasn't been updated since it was built in the 50's. We'll make the best of it :) So I must start packing up soon. I have a lot of clothes that don't fit me anymore since I gained weight, but I can't bring myself to give them away just in case I somehow lose weight. I suppose I should just give them away, there aren't even clothes I would wear anymore anyway.

Were thinking of getting married next Memorial Dayyyy, May 31st! I wanted to do it in the winter and still may but prolly not. We're thinking green cream and yellow as colors since it's a summer wedding. I'm looking for a non strapless gown although I'll probably get a strapless if I can lose some weight. We're hoping to have a fairly small wedding - less money! - and think we've found the perfect spot overlooking the water and the dolphin fountain where we had our first kiss :). wish us luck!

OK, I must continue studying Spanish so that I don't utterly fail my test tomorrow morning. Yes, I have a test on Saturday morning :(. Oh and after that I somehow roped myself into participating in Spanish research for a measly 3 points on our final grade and 10 points on our lowest test score - which is pretty good because it brings you up a whole letter grade on that test. It's 3 hours of research to be completed before July 2nd, however they conveniently neglected to tell us that half of it HAS to be done tomorrow. Blarggg - Life.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gallbladder Removal

Blarggg surgery sucks.

Thursday morning:
So we got to the hospital at about 7 and went to pretesting to get some blood drawn. I asked them to put the IV port in right there and so they just sent me up to pre-op to get it drawn there. So we walked over to pre-op and right away they had me pee in a cup - to check for pregnancy- which was difficult because I hadn't had anything to drink. After that they have you change in to the super stylish neck strangling robes and had me lay in bed. The nurse, Larry, came in an had me sign a bunch of papers and then he tried to take my blood. He put the IV in my left arm and the vein blew out and so now I have a giant giant bruise on my arm. So they couldn't find any veins and had to call in the pediatric nurse. She stabbed me!!! twice! Her IV's were very painful but at least she got it in. So they took me into the surgery room and had me scoot onto the very narrow surgery bed. They gave me two smaller tables to lay my arms on. They anesthesiologist snuck in and told me she was giving me the sedative and I remember thinking that it wasn't working... and the next thing I knew I was waking up.

Thursday After Surgery:
Pain, Pain, Pain...
I was in so so much pain when I woke up, I'm pretty sure I made a scene in the recovery room but it was kinda hazy. This gallbladder removal was generally more painful than my microdiscectomy. Every movement made me cry. Although that seemed to be my general reaction to the anesthesia this time. Last time everyone was annoying me but this time I was just upset. Getting up and down were of course the most painful parts -still are- and moving left me breathless and crying. My nurse Paula was soo soo wonderful and did everything she could to keep me comfortable. The CPA Richard, was an ass and had that kind of dry humor that is beyond annoying when you're ill. For some reason he forced me to get up and sit in a chair next to the bed. He didn't raise the bed and so I had a long way to go, and he was pulling me up unevenly so by the end of this ordeal I was sobbing. Then they brought me some gross food so I climbed up into my bed. I slept a little bit and after that I really felt a lot better. I ate some dinner and then they gave me some Percocet which was a lot better than what ever they were giving me through the IV.

Thursday Night:
Paula's shift ended at 7 and Rebecca came on. Paula had disconnected my IV because it wasn't dripping anymore, but she left the IV part in so that she could give me medicine. Well Rebecca was very much by the book and when I asked her for a lozenge for my throat she said no because Dr. N hadn't ordered it.... Seriously? a lozenge has to be ordered? I can by them. Well she gave me some more IV meds and then she flushed it... but she pushed the flush through really fast and it hurt like hell. Well after that I noticed that blood was leaking back into the IV. I called her and she was just going to flush it again. So I had her take it out and went home. Lots of pillows propped me up and kept the pain to a minimum. I slept pretty well and napped all the next day.

My mom came home with me and was a perfect angel taking care of me while Pat worked. He was being a little insensitive before but he's being really nice now and taking good care of me. I think it's hard to understand pain when you've never been through it. The only real issues I've had other than the first day were some weeping of the incision's and some muscle tightness in my back from previous surgeries. Also if anyone has this done, do NOT use your stomach muscles at all costs. It creates really terrible burning. I also recommend continuous ice packs for the swelling.

I've not had any major problems so far but I have been on medication since the surgery.
Every little movement was super painful at first, however the recovery seems to be less tragic than the back surgery. I still need to be super careful for the next week or so but I think I'll be better shortly after that.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Classes

Summer Classes suck. No doubt about it. I don't think I've ever taken a summer class before, but it's a requirement to graduate in the state of Florida.

I'm trying to get ahead on some of my classwork so I don't have much to do while I'm recovering. Two days until surgery :(
So I'm so far ahead that 2 days in to my summer classes I've already done my 1st 20 hours of Spanish and 2 Chapters/Lectures of Forensics and take the first test! 100%!!!

It's so hot. hot hot hot here in FL. Already in the 90's and it's only May! Well speaking of May, next year we are tentatively thinking that we'll get married next Memorial Day weekend, which happens to be May 31st. Sooo that means we need to start planning. ASAP. and after my surgery Pat and I are going on a wicked diet. I'm thinking of talking to one of those medical weight loss clinics if they're not too expensive.

Have a great week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

So I'm back from Rome/Atlanta.
The difference in the landscaping is so dramatic it's crazy...
I noticed that about an hour before we got home, the lush green faded and Florida's dull gray-green and brown color scheme took over.
This winter I was thinking that I didn't actually want to leave FL, but then summer arrived along with a wall of 90 degree weather combined with wicked humidity and I remembered in a hurry.

Kicked ass this semester despite my worries :) Pat did well too, much better than normal and he totally put forth some effort which was good for me to see.
Summer classes start Monday, so my week of summer vacation is rapidly coming to an end.
I'm taking some really cool criminology classes this semester (Science and Crime, and Patterns of Criminal Behavior) I'm thinking I might want to get into it a little more and explore the criminal minds side of psychology... dangerous, but it doesn't get much cooler.

So, so far the plan is to graduate next Spring and then get married shortly after that orrr shortly before if we can swing it :) Not sure what comes after that yet.

Looking for new recipes so let me know if you find any good ones, especially ones with garlic!

Surgery on Thursday. I'm beginning to get worried again although my research tells me that gallbladder surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the US. Still having to be knocked out worries me. So just in case, I love you everyone and I can't thank you enough for influencing the person I have become and try to be. I love you dearly, desperately. I love you Patrick - with my whole heart and soul more than anyone in the world - I'll forever be yours. I love you mom - you're my hero and my rock and I aspire everyday to be as strong as you are. I love you Amanda, Corrie, Nanar, Dadad, all my family and all of Pat's family, and all of Corrie's family. I love you my beautiful kittens - you make me sooo sooo happy.

Well that was quite morbid actually, but I'd rather say it than not.

Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8 is so totally cheating on his wife. What an ass. He has !8! children. Come on man, get it together. We all know that she's insane but you should just laugh it off. Those babies need someone sane. They're already terrified of getting dirty. Come on man. Just come on.

Well, I have about a billion DVR'd shows to watch before they start coming on again on Sunday!
HOUSE , Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Castle, Real Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker etc... LOVE DVR or I'd never be able to watch them all lol.

Have a nice weekend, it's sure to be sunny here in FL :)