Wednesday, September 30, 2009

amazing kid

Jonathan E. McCoy. This little boy is amazing. And he's right. This word needs to disappear completely, from everyone's vocabulary. I hope my children never hear this word.

Jonathan says:
"I'm sending a message to everyone who knowingly or ignorantly uses this word to describe our people, whether you're a gangster rapper who uses it to communicate with your boys, or someone who looks down on us who haven't got a college education," said the pint-sized orator. "Whatever the case, it's time to discontinue the use of this word. It is implausible that 40 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we still use this word that holds no worth in our lives nor our future."

thanks AOL and of course Jonathan E. McCoy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

grrr :(


I'm so so so frustrated.
this situation is not
getting any better.

In fact, it's getting worse.
veiled insults flying
left and right.
Some of them
could knock you down.
Watch out.

I'm tired of the lies.
I'm tired of the
I'm tired of all of this



still looking for a job,

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm just going to make this post a list of scammers so that I don't have to make a new post all the time.

Just keep in mind that every one of these people has asked me to ship internationally, they are not located locally, and only want to use PayPal.

letter from : - SCAM!!!
Good to hear back from you I'm in San Diego right now but I'll be leaving for London for a soccer coaching job in a 2days time.I want to buy this item for my son that is studying photography at a university in africa. .I'll have to add $120 for you to send the item to him as soon as possible through the USPS express mail international(ems)..I'll be paying you through paypal as soon as you make your decision i will pay you $750 for the item and shipments fee; it's secure and protects two parties in a transaction. Get back with the following information so that your payment will be delivered as soon as possible.Full Name:Full Contact Address:Tel Number:All this information should be provided correctly please to avoid wrong payment. I will forward my son's residential address to you for shipping as soon as the payment reaches you. I will be very grateful to hear from you soon.Best Regard writes: - SCAM!!!
Hello I got your mail, I agreed with the fixed price, I am willing to offer you extra $50 for you to take the advert downso that i can be rest assured that am in hand of the item. Concerning payment, i will issue out a Personal checkor a Cashier Check. I have a liable shipping company who'd be responsible to come pick up the item at your place. Once you cash the check and get the money, the shipping company will come to your address to pick it up. If the condition is okay by you, please get back to me with the details as it will appear on the check, your full name, address, city/location, phone number and zipcode.Will be expecting your reply. - SCAM!!!
Thanks for your reply and am glad to know that it is still availablefor sale.However i have few questions on the product you are selling.1,I would like to know the reason you are selling it?2,What is the current condition of the item ?3,What is your firm price, though am okay with the listing price ?4,Do you have the original box and the receipt for it ?5,Do you mind if i pay you through paypal even though i would coverthe shipping because am currently not local at the moment,I am out oftown to visit my sick grandma and i would like to purchase this itemon behalf of my colleague as a replacement for her crashed computerbecause she did the same when i lost mine too.If you do not have a PayPal account, you can do so by going to and set up your account it is free,easy and guaranteestransaction safety.Once you send me your paypal email account, I willsend you the payment for your item as well as $100 USD to covershipping via USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTL.I would be glad if my request is favorably considered.Thanks

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"there's a hole where your soul should be"

ever had one of those days
when it seems like the world
is just so so angry with you?

I can't even speak my mind...
I'm done, so far past done
that even I can't
wrap my mind around it.

I've had it with
irresponsible people,
bad descisions,
adults that act like children.
selfish, greedy, arrogant,
insolent, despicable, rude,

I don't understand why
some people think it's cool to
just to throw their lives away.
I don't know why
some people think it's cool
to say whatever
they want with no regard
for anyone else.
I don't know why some
people think it's cool
to lie, cheat, and hurt
other people over in general.

I've got news for you:
It's not cool. NOT cool.

Today turned out to be a
lot worse than yesterday.

Oh and to any lovelys
who think I'm not
trying to get a job.
I am. x30

<3 Lilly Allen

On Lily Allen's album - "It's not me, It's you",
I feel that track 8 is extraordinarily fitting
for my current life crisis :)
(check out wikipedia for track listings)

Although, I must say I'm in a better
place as of today.
It's as though a huge loud burden
has been removed from my shoulders

ah holidays will once again be fun
and NOT stressful.

Thank you, Thank you very
very muuuuch, Cause I hate what you do,
and I love your whole crew,
so please don't stay in toooouuuch.
Like my adaptation?

Ah, a little bitterness seeping through.
I've always heard that unless you're
apathetic, you still care.
So that's goal #2 :)

ahh feeling a bit manic today
but it's a nice change of pace.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

grad school

I decided on grad school

I'm def. getting my Masters
immediately after graduating,
and then going on to get PsyD
later :)

good deal.

Mixed Blessings?

Crazzzy day...

Let's start with the good.

We went to look at an apt down by the mall,
and the guy said he might have a job for me!
I'd be a leasing agent :)
Totally perfect because of Pat's
construction business idea.
So this will help me tremendously.
That guy was awesome,
he even stayed late to show us around.

So, Thank You Lee V. :)

Alright, as for the not so good...
We're looking for a new apt. because
we're having a major problem with our landlord
she just doesn't like me.
I mean to the point that she said "hate".

The hardest part is that our landlord happens to
be in Pat's family....

I'm not really sure why she dislikes me so much either.
It's not like it wasn't obvious.
Or like she was polite to me in the past.
But she had it out with Pat today.
Well, actually that's a lie...
I know why she doesn't like me.
But I'm sure you wouldn't believe me if I told you,
Why? because it's just ridiculous.
No joke. She actually said that.

I dunno, I felt kinda guilty at first because
Pat told her we wouldn't be seeing her
anymore. So I kinda felt like I was splitting
the family up. But to be honest, I don't think I
could have been any nicer to her.
In the almost six years I've been with Pat,
she's never said one nice thing to me,
and I've never said one rude thing to her.
Not even remotely.
It's just insane.
But it's over.
Thank God.

So, getting ready to move
for the second time in 2 months.

On the up side, It was a
beautiful day :)

Have a good week!

oh and I kicked ass on my
first test this semester!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

last one I promise :)

Ok, this is definitely the last one
because I've taken down the listing.
I sold it! Locally and for cash might I add. - SCAMMER

I googled this one,
like I did with all of them
and she showed up!
I responded anyway just to get
her story... which was -

Nice hearing from you,My name is Miss Lilian Ray from Califonia,am a business lady,am very happy to came accross your craigslist item.,and i like the condition of the item,so if is still available,i will like to buy it from you,am shipping this international to my fiance, and please do know that you will help me to do that, am ready to pay you the total amount of $850,for the item including the shipping fees ,via USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL(EMS) and i will pay you via paypal,and if paypal is accepted,so kindly get back to me with your paypal e-mail address for the when i made the payment i will give you the full address. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

so that's the end of my scammers adventure for now.

stay safe,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

yet another

Sorry I know this is getting old but
I kind of feel obligated to report
these people so decent people
don't get taken -
so I'm going to keep posting the
email add. and the message -
pretty sure they must have
message templates.
ALSO if you think it's too good to be true
... it is. - SCAMMER
I am interested in buying your item and sending to my Grandsonthat recently traveled to abroad (Nigeria) for a researchprogram.Also,I will pay you $1,000 for the payment includingshipping of this item. This item is to be shipped directly fromyou to Grandson address at abroad via Usps Express Mail Service (EMS) .My mode of payment isPayPal.Kindly close the auction and get back to me with yourpayment details so i can make the payment asap.Thanks

to be fair,
I have gotten some legit offers from craigslist
but they generally try to get it for less
or trade you for something worse.
It's human nature to look out for yourself
so don't believe that someone will pay you
$300 more than the asking price for shipping.
In real life, it ain't gonna happen.

I am interested in finding out HOW they
rip you off using your paypal account.
Let me know.
I figure they just get your email add.
and clog your email up with spam?

Have a good weekend!
and don't get scammed!


UPDATE: more scammers!

Friday, September 11, 2009

more scammers!

more scammers on craigslist!
totally tried to scam me with the same exact email as yesterday's scammer

this is the email (I've gotten the same one twice with very little difference):

Thanks for your reply and am glad to know that it is still for
sale.However i have few questions on the products you are selling.
1,I would like to know the reason you are selling it..?
2,What is the current condition of the item..?
3,What is your firm price, though am okay with the listing price..?
4,Do you have the receipt for it ..?
5,Would you please allow me to pay through paypal even though i will
add an extra dollars to cover the shipping because am currently not
local at the moment,I want to purchase it for my son studying in Oversea (fountainal)as a birthday gift.I'll be offering you $860 for the item cost including the local shipping cost.i want you to get back to me with your Confirmed PayPal email account so that i can make an instant payment to your PayPal account.

also got this one:


Hello there... is your item still available for sale...?get back to me ASAP

I only noticed this one because it was on another scamming website.
I've noticed that people you are scamming you not only use the word "product/item" but also they use "..." A LOT!
also the double greeting is just weird.
ohhh and also they've offered me more for my "item" than I was asking (I naively assumed that it was for insurance and shipping )

I'll keep updating you, I'm sure I'll have more
although I think I may have found a real one (lol just bc she low-balled me like crazy)

bottom line - don't sell to someone unless you can see their face and don't let go of the "product" unless you have cash in hand ( I read on one of these scam catcher sites that even cashiers checks can be faked - so if you get one meet them at the bank and cash it there.)

so disappointed in these people, they are the reason the world is so messed up


Scammers on Craigslist

Please be Aware: is a scammer.

"she" contracted me through craigslist,
saying that she wanted me to by my laptop
that was for sale and that she was "out of the area"
at the moment and could I please
give her my paypal info
so she could do an instant deposit

I'm not sure how she was planning to rip me off
but when I googled her name
it came up with virtually the same exact story -
a blogger complaining that this "melissa" person
had tried to rip them off in a computer scheme

anyway here's the details so that
you don't fall for the same story
if she changes her name

she asked me pretty normal questions
but instead of saying laptop - she always
said item or product/s
she also said she was currently out of the area
and that she was buying this as a b-day gift for her kid
who was studying overseas
she wanted to use paypal

I never would have suspected her,
but my friend that uses craigslist a lot
told me to google her email address
just to be sure
and sure enough

ugh horrible people make me so angry.
Haven't you got anything better to do with your time?