Monday, July 27, 2009


So the house is coming along.
It looks a billion times better now that it's nearly clean
and has some fresh paint up.

Electrician - Wednesday
Carpenter - Today
AC guy - Today
Comcast guy - Friday
Furniture - Friday

So everything HAS to be done inside by Friday.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

to be or not to be?

meeting of the minds tomorrow

cross your fingers for me!
I'm disgusted with today.
I woke up at like 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep
because I was so excited about the house.

I'd managed to convince myself
that it was going to be wonderful and quaint,
at worst I thought it would need new flooring
and a paint color change

omg I was so wrong.
As it stands,
the driveway is the best part of that house.

I'm sickened that someone who was being given
the HUGE gift of free rent
would let someones property go to hell
like they have.

They took all the lighbulbs. Every one.
The broke blades off of the fans.
They stole the smoke alarms.
They rusted a terrazzo floor - don't ask me how,
They stained the floor everywhere,
They put giant pits in the floor.
They stole the backs of doorknobs.
They screwed the windows shut.
They let the back wall of the house rot away,
without saying anything.
They bent the prongs on the stove so we can't use it.
They left the bathroom covered in what looks like blood.
They left a nudie poster on the fridge.
They smashed light fixtures.
They didn't inform anyone that the wiring was bad.
there are scorch marks all over the walls.
That's not even close to all.
They left inches and inches of dirt EVERYWHERE.
They left the entire house unlocked,
not that there's anything to take.
They let the metal doors rust through all around the bottom,
and cracked one in half.
And just to be ominous I'm assuming -
they had a clove of garlic hanging from the door.

This is decades worth of dirt and neglect.
I hope this person is ashamed.
and the worst part is,
I really doubt they are.

I am appalled.
I am appalled at this "renter".
I always expect people to act in a civilized manor.
I always expect that everyone knows what the right
thing to do is, and that they do it.
I'm always disappointed in humanity.

Bottom line?
It needs a total re-haul.
I don't think we'd even have bought a house like this to flip.
It's completely unlivable.

Ok I've finished my rant.
But for God's sake,
Be A Good Person.
ALL the time, not just when people are looking.
You wouldn't think that would need to be said....


Friday, July 24, 2009

ear popage

being sick blows.
and the very worst part of being sick
is not:
- feeling like you got hit by a truck
- the headache
- the cough that wracks you so hard you can't breathe
- the wicked sinus pressure
- the not being able to breathe out of your nose
It's the UNPOPABLE ears!
ah such agony!

another gunman reported on the USF campus today
like the 3rd in a few months
not to mention a few chemical spills
we were told to lock the doors and avoid the area
hunker down people. hunker down.

we're leaving just in time!
must go load up the car
and try desperately to unpop my poor poor ear


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 days!!!!!!!

well I guess it's actually 3 -
we can get in Saturday morning.

Here's the plan:

Sat - bug bomb, pressure wash outside, paint ceiling,
Sun - paint interior walls, clean, trim work
Mon - exterior paint, floor consult, exterior trim/door
Tues - yard work :( , possible flooring install
Wed - prepare for furniture, back to Tampa - paint wall, pack car
Thurs- morning - load U-Haul, clean carpet -
night - prepare townhouse for inspection
Fri - Inspection, unload uhaul/cars at the house, return u-haul
Sat/Sun - unpack/ decorate

excessively busy week!
I can't wait.

Week 2: FIND JOB!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 day countdown

oh goodness,
moving is a mess.

we chose colors today!
it's going to be beautiful :)
before and after's to come

have a nice week!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

provided that I pass the class :)
although I actually have a B right now,
and that's without the extra credit!
3 points on my grade and 10 on my lowest test :)

Next Friday/ Saturday!
We're taking a ton of stuff to my moms this weekend though
We're also picking up a dresser
that we bought on craigslist on the way down
It's in Fish Hawk? Never heard of it.
Sanding and staining is my near future, lol :)

One more class left this summer-
Patterns of Criminal Behavior.
It's terrible, well the teacher is.
I thought it was going to be all interesting,
like profiles of serial killers and such,
you know psych stuff.
But alas it is not.
It's the most politically incorrect thing ever,
and quite uncomfortable.
The book is called Class, Race, and Gender -
so you can guess my painfully white discomfort.
It's only 6 weeks though - midterm tomorrow...
even though it was supposed to open on Friday.

My beautiful Mischief is feeling much better,
in case you were wondering :)

I must go pack up the car!

Have a nice weekend, and try not to get sunburned(t?) like me!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Do

My house is a freaking mess! There are boxes everywhere.
Literally, everywhere.
I've given up even trying to keep it clean.
13 days!

This week:
Tonight - BJ's and a movie with Eric and Juliza
Tomorrow - taking boxes to SRQ and for some sunbathing
Wednesday - Harry Potter movie!!!!!
Friday - Criminal Beh. Midterm, Criminology Final (1 week until we move!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mischief 3

We get to bring Mischief home tonight!

When we went to visit him last night he was really really loopy.
The lady said that it was from the pain meds,
and that they are really affecting him.
She said that earlier he was freaking out and hallucinating -
they could tell because he was doing barrel rolls and pacing back and forth

So they changed and lessened the meds
and when we saw him he was still acting crazy.
He was wiggling everywhere- which is so not like him -
and kept almost walking off the table!

This morning they said he was doing really well
and that hopefully the fluids have pushed all the crystals out of him.

Mischief is the beautiful tuxedo kitten and Slate (the gray one, obviously) is his baby brother

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mischief 2

Our day started out at 3 this morning.
Mischief was wining and struggling to urinate
and then he threw up twice.
the expensive stuff,
and all over Pat's uniforms.

Of course, we took him right to the emergency hospital.
They were very kind and gave great explanations.
(FVS - if anyone is looking for a good animal hospital.)

We're kind of frustrated though
because the vet yesterday did next to nothing and didn't want to cath him.
So this morning he had to be heavily sedated, cathed and has to stay for the rest of the day.
They said he must have been horribly uncomfortable because his bladder was so full.
DUH! that vet we went to first did a terrible job.

Luckily, Pat's parents have said they we help us with the cost - $700 +
That's very generous and I'm not sure what we'd do without their help.

So, Thank you Robin and David
and Thank you FVS vets
we love our little kitten so so much


Monday, July 6, 2009


I had to take my kitten to the vet today :(
$174 and that was with a free first visit coupon
Double :(

He has a UTI, and the vet told me it's because we feed him dry food
She said that even the dry urinary tract food is terrible for them
So only wet kitten food from now on!

Apparently, the dry cat food contains a lot of ash
which causes crystals to build up in the bladder.
She also said that because the dry food is dry
cats don't get enough water in their diets - most of their natural food is full of water, since they eat meat...

So feed your cats wet food!!!
Have a nice afternoon :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rain rain go away

It 's been raining since Sunday.
Enough already!

I don't think that the meds I'm on for my prolactin levels are working out too well.
It's cabergoline (or dostinex) btw.
It's making me crazy. Literally.

sheesh nothing's ever easy.


24 days!