Friday, October 30, 2009

ANTM "blackface"

This is ridiculous.
America's Next Top Model did a "blackface" photo shoot
and now the country is up in arms saying that it is racist and culturally insensitive.
What could be less racist and culturally insensitive than glorifying the beauty of different races?

Personally, I don't think that this is an issue at all.
You can't just go around saying that everyone, everything, everywhere is racist.
There's no such thing as free speech or freedom of expression anymore.
You can say what you want but you'll be socially persecuted for EVERYTHING you say or do.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Morning :)

73 degrees right now - 83% humidity  : o
I think I'm going to sit by the pool and study for the GRE today... after shopping for some bday presents for my sister (who will be 18!!!) and my friend.

GRE words of the day:
Anodyne -
something that soothes or relieves pain,
An analgesic.
Anastrophe -

when the normal syntax of a sentance
is inverted for effect

have a beautiful day!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

the human condition

I am appalled at the people in this world.
Just today I've:
  • seen a man hit a parked car with his lexus and drive away
  • seen a story on the local news about a little girl who was kidnapped while walking home from school - an investigation found her body in a garbage truck
  • learned that someone hacked into my friends myspace
  • gotten another 2 scam letters from craigslist - these are the email addresses of the scammers - (a scammer who is abroad and buying this laptop for a collegue as their laptop crashed and they got one for her when t happened to her last month) AND (a scammer who would like to aquire my item for more than the listed price)

more scammers:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Needs to know why some of the email addresses
of scammers that I've posted in previous posts,
are not showing up in Google searches...

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k thanks : )


The GRE is approximatly 16 days away.
I can't remember any kind of math that
I have EVER learned.


It's almsot the weekend!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's 61 degrees!!!
What a gorgeous day- ahhh

I have a test in Cognitive today,
but I don't even mind because the weather

is so beautiful!!!
One of the 3 days of the year
we can open the windows!

enjoy the weather lovelys

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

omg it's following us

the bank across the street was robbed
this morning!!!
CSI, the dogs and the medical examiner were
all here along with like 20 cops.
SNN6, ABC7 and FOX 13 news trucks
were here too! Might be on noon news!

More later!


p.s. - didn't we move away from
Tampa because of this kind of stuff?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I need to find someting positive today.
Some really good news that reminds me
of happier times.

I might be falling apart here.
Unravelling from the inside.
Perhaps it's karma from a past life,
or maybe I've hit my expiration date.
It's too much today, too much.

At least a cold front is on its way :)
70's this weekend!
Maybe fall is finally here!!!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

job fail

I didn't get the job.
Robin says that they probably re-hired
someone that they had to lay off earlier
in the year.
I emailed the principal and said thank you
and to keep me in mind.
She said she would and that she enjoyed
our interview...

I thought it went really well :(
Although I do need to find a way to stop
my voice from shaking.
I didn't even feel that nervous,
but my voice betrays me.
I've applied to 5 more so far this morning.
I'm really very nervous about giving my
presentation in my class. I think
I'm going to see if she will let me give it
as a video - so I don't have to be there.
ugh nothing I hate more than presentations.
ok - back to the hunt.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

* awwww

Sweetest thing ever! The article said she
wouldn't leave her dad's side even after
they were called to "fall in".
It said that not even the officers had the
heart to tell her she had to leave. :(
So so sad.

I heard that 40,000 more troops have been requested. I don't think 40,000 more lives are worth it. But maybe I just don't know what's going on well enough. But I don't think it is... My thoughts are perpetually with the troops and their families - Thank you...


Fingers Crossed - Interview

I had my interview with
the school this morning!
It's for an aide position,
9 -1pm Mon.-Fri..
Perfect for me!
I'm really really hoping I
get this job.
It will relieve so much
undue stress...
at least I hope it will :)

So they told me that I would
be working for two hours in the library in the morning,
and then for two hours in the caf. at lunch time.
Sounds easy enough. I actually hope they
give me more responsibilities than just that though.
Perhaps with time.
I'm also trying to get an internship, with the school
psychologist that Robin works with. However,
they don't generally give undergrads internships.
She thinks that they might let me sit in on some EEP
meetings - which we just happened to learn about in
my Tests and Measures class last week.

Doctors appointment this afternoon :(,
however my mom is taking me shopping
when she gets off for my birthday!!!
4 days!

Keep your Fingers Crossed for me!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

USF drama

Lockdown at the Tampa
campus this afternoon!
I've been getting alert texts
since about 2pm this afternoon,
apparently there were two separate
and unrelated people detained.

One guy apparently had a gun and
threatened a bombing at the Library.
Another guy, was apparently wearing
a wife beater, a cowboy hat, and carrying
a black puppy and a hunting knife.

Anyway, they caught the first
guy on the Bull Runner ( bus system )
and they detained the second guy.

On a totally unrelated note,
Jon Gosselin is a huge asshole.
He totally deserves all the bad
karma coming his way. He made
this his fault. Ugh.
Jon Gosselin - you make me sick.

Up side of today?
I got a job interview!!!
Thursday morning :)
wish me luck!