Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yo professor,

If you can't even keep up with the grading of our 1923986127897313 assignments, maybe that should be a clue that you're giving out too much work.

How are we supposed to know how we're doing? Should I do that E.C. assignment? Do I already have an A? What happened to that review of a discussion board you promised?
Worst. Class. EVER.

The green exclamation points mean that the assignment has been submitted but not graded.

FYI this is just a snapshot - there are 11 ungraded assignments total.
Guess you think that reading 40 of the 250 word posts that you assigned is way more work than the 80+ pages of academic articles(read: boring, dry and verbose) that we have to read each week and remember in absurd detail (without counting the 60 slide power points in 10 point font) for the ridiculous (fill in this obscure word from this specific sentance that you'll never remember unless you read it 17 times) weekly quizzes.
ok end rant.
: )

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