Friday, August 20, 2010


So C and I are just tireddd;
tired of waiting for our nails to dry 
only to find out five seconds later 
(after all that waiting, blowing and
panic attack-like hand waving)
that the nails were not actually dry
but just in that fake-out period
that inevitably ends in massive smudges and 
which may account for the
massive amounts of acetone I go through.

Anyway, on my quest to find the perfect polish
I came across this little gem

Essence from Ulta

So the advertising on the display says
  "drys in one second"!
and I'm thinking "Whattttt, if it's too good to be true...".
Needless to say I bought a few anyway
( at 99 cents a bottle(!) I felt a little kelpto ).

Guess what,
well, by the time you're done with the last nail
 on your hand the others are all dry,
and more importantly bump-proof.
The quick-dry clear coat I use on top
 takes longer to dry than this stuff!
To make it even better it lasts about an entire week
 without chipping! Insanity. 

Oh and the colors are awesome.
Thank you Essence,
for your innovation and perfection.
Paying $7.00 for OPI or other random brands
 seems a bit ridiculous now.

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