Wednesday, September 8, 2010

instiGator Jones

To the Pastor Terry Jones
who apparently thinks
burning Korans is a good idea:

First of all you are an idiot. A blazing moron really.
Give this two seconds of thought and I'm sure you'll agree.

I don't claim to know a whole lot about Christianity but I'm fairly sure it preaches tolerance and acceptance. I don't know about you, but burning another religions version of the Bible doesn't seem very tolerant; therefore that makes you not only an idiot but also a bad Christian. Congrats on failing at humanity.

Secondly, anyone taking place in this activity should be arrested for endangering the lives of our troops. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by burning these books? I mean seriously? You're just stirring shit up. End of Story. Not only are you putting the troops overseas in danger but also the people in Gainesville ( which includes my baby sister, so I'm pretty pissed off about this ). I understand that you're still upset about September 11th ( the scheduled date of the book burning ) but more than showing the militants how mad you are, you're offending the Muslim community (who have nothing to do with the militants) and possibly provoking another September 11th-like attack. Further, how on earth does this make you any better than them? Those militants committed an act like September 11th because they were closed-minded hateful and ignorant people. Sound familiar - you supposed "Christians"? Your intolerance disgusts me.

As I understand it, Pastor Terry Jones refuses to cancel the book burning because he has the backing of one soldier who saw militants do terrible things (such as burning down hospitals and other buildings). There is no doubt that these militants are not good people. There has never been any doubt about this. However, Terry needs to take a step back and remember that he is not only provoking the militants but directly attacking the hearts of innocent Muslims around the world. I'd like to ask Terry if he thinks that this will really help anyone. Are you a Pastor Terry? or just another attention-whore? I'm leaning on the latter.

I know that with all the media attention this has received it's going to be difficult for you to back out now Pastor Jones - but I gotta say that the power to end this rests with you. Put your PRIDE aside, put your hatred aside and end this before it begins. We all know that this is going to end in retaliation, how could it not? 9/11 was unprovoked - Bears don't take kindly to being poked. It's on you to make the right and the "Christian" decision. This is NOT what YOUR Christ would do. Put your pride aside man, for the lives of the soldiers fighting for our freedom from terror, the lives of those surrounding you and for the consideration of innocent Muslims that you are offending. What if people went around burning your Bible just because they didn't like you? You personally, I mean. Yea, don't think you'd like that. Be a source for positive change in the world Pastor, we have enough negativity with the militants of the world.

If you go through with this book burning you should be sent to jail for instigating international bedlam. Just my opinion.

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