Saturday, July 18, 2009

provided that I pass the class :)
although I actually have a B right now,
and that's without the extra credit!
3 points on my grade and 10 on my lowest test :)

Next Friday/ Saturday!
We're taking a ton of stuff to my moms this weekend though
We're also picking up a dresser
that we bought on craigslist on the way down
It's in Fish Hawk? Never heard of it.
Sanding and staining is my near future, lol :)

One more class left this summer-
Patterns of Criminal Behavior.
It's terrible, well the teacher is.
I thought it was going to be all interesting,
like profiles of serial killers and such,
you know psych stuff.
But alas it is not.
It's the most politically incorrect thing ever,
and quite uncomfortable.
The book is called Class, Race, and Gender -
so you can guess my painfully white discomfort.
It's only 6 weeks though - midterm tomorrow...
even though it was supposed to open on Friday.

My beautiful Mischief is feeling much better,
in case you were wondering :)

I must go pack up the car!

Have a nice weekend, and try not to get sunburned(t?) like me!

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