Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm disgusted with today.
I woke up at like 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep
because I was so excited about the house.

I'd managed to convince myself
that it was going to be wonderful and quaint,
at worst I thought it would need new flooring
and a paint color change

omg I was so wrong.
As it stands,
the driveway is the best part of that house.

I'm sickened that someone who was being given
the HUGE gift of free rent
would let someones property go to hell
like they have.

They took all the lighbulbs. Every one.
The broke blades off of the fans.
They stole the smoke alarms.
They rusted a terrazzo floor - don't ask me how,
They stained the floor everywhere,
They put giant pits in the floor.
They stole the backs of doorknobs.
They screwed the windows shut.
They let the back wall of the house rot away,
without saying anything.
They bent the prongs on the stove so we can't use it.
They left the bathroom covered in what looks like blood.
They left a nudie poster on the fridge.
They smashed light fixtures.
They didn't inform anyone that the wiring was bad.
there are scorch marks all over the walls.
That's not even close to all.
They left inches and inches of dirt EVERYWHERE.
They left the entire house unlocked,
not that there's anything to take.
They let the metal doors rust through all around the bottom,
and cracked one in half.
And just to be ominous I'm assuming -
they had a clove of garlic hanging from the door.

This is decades worth of dirt and neglect.
I hope this person is ashamed.
and the worst part is,
I really doubt they are.

I am appalled.
I am appalled at this "renter".
I always expect people to act in a civilized manor.
I always expect that everyone knows what the right
thing to do is, and that they do it.
I'm always disappointed in humanity.

Bottom line?
It needs a total re-haul.
I don't think we'd even have bought a house like this to flip.
It's completely unlivable.

Ok I've finished my rant.
But for God's sake,
Be A Good Person.
ALL the time, not just when people are looking.
You wouldn't think that would need to be said....


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