Thursday, August 6, 2009

2 weeks until fall classes :(

Just finished my last class for this summer.
Two weeks until fall classes.

time to start looking for a job
I hate hate hate job hunting.
I always feel so awkward, asking people for a job
All the jobs I've had so far have been
word of mouth jobs

Well I'm going to be alone for like the next 3 days
since Pat got transferred here
and didn't tell the boss lady his hours
so shes working him to the bone.
Anyway, I'll have plenty of time to look for jobs.

Wish me luck.

Moved in to the house officially yesterday.
Mischief doesn't care at all but
Slate keeps hiding under the bed covers -
which he's never done.
Poor Baby I feel like doing that a little too
especially last night when there were a million dishes to do
- no dishwasher
I have the feeling we'll being eating out a lot.

Ah I'm just grumpy at the prospect
of being alone for the next 3 days.

Have a nice weekend!

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