Sunday, August 23, 2009

Senior Year!!!

Senior Year.
Thank goodness it's almost over :) know before the next
hundred years of school.

I'm taking:
Cognitive Psych,
Tests & Measures,
The Life Cycle,
A Narrative Perspective
of Culture and Ethics

Only two of my classes are
online this semester, which is fine
but this campus
has very small class sizes,
which makes attendance mandatory
and presentations possible :(

In fact, I already have to give a presentation
in Cognitive Psych :(
It's not until November,
but we all know,
I'll be worrying about it until then.

Applying for another job in the morning,
this one is with a financial corp., and
sounds like a really good fit.
It's full time but the hours
already mostly fit around my classes.
It's an administrative assistant position too,
so I'm sure I would do well at it.
Fingers Crossed!!!

Have a good first week back!

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