Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Random Things

that I am obsessed with:
  1. Pens & Notebooks - how 'bout that feeling you get when defiling a new notebook with a new pen *sigh*
  2. Sunglasses - not even the high end kind, just your everyday Target variety
  3. Chapstick - mint, berry, exfoliating, hydrating, glossy, matte, sticky, extra-sticky
  4.  Candles - but not for burning, yea yea I know
  5. Band-Aids - I have no idea why I love band-aids so much, or where they go, but I'm always buying band-aids. yeesh
  6. Air fresheners - I just really hate stinky things
  7. Shampoo/ Conditioner - must be bought in tandem
  8. Nail Polish - they're always inventing new versions of the same colors
  9. Pocket Bac - ya know the waterless hand cleaner, shyaa the world's a dirty place mate
  10. Straws - that might be the weirdest one, your call

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