Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Google Chrome:
  • * Thank you for the awesome widgets - especially the email and blogger ones.
  • * Thank you for the auto spell check widget.
  • * Thank you for exposing me to all the cool stuff Google offers - now please explain what buzz is and where things I buzz go; oh and bring back your music thing that you taunted me with.
Google Chrome:
  • * Why are there so many pages you refuse to load? I'm running new everything, you should be a dream.
  • * Why don't you keep me logged in to websites? I have you set to.
  • * Why don't you auto-fill forms for me? Your settings say it's on.
  • * Why don't you let me tab to the next spot when I have to manually fill out the forms because you refuse to auto-fill.
    On another note,
    Why is it so freaking hot outside!?!?!

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