Thursday, July 29, 2010

need to travel faster than the speed of light?

no problem!
just squeeze the space in front of you and expand the space behind of you;
simple enough right?

how about you explain how in the world you plan to do that history channel? how 'bout that.

and what kinda consequences are we talking here?
Seems like you probably shouldn't mess with the universe, especially when y'all think that rapid expansion/contraction is the 'how' of the big bang theory. what happens when we expand the space behind us and it somehow destabilizes our planet and we're thrown our of orbit? I dunno man, sounds like a rough day to me.

ah knowledge, you always leave me with more questions than I had to begin with 

Eagle Nebula

Scientists think that about 1 in a 1,000,000 planets in our solar system might contain intelligent life; however, what if you bend our definition of life? What if life on another planet doesn't subsist on water and oxygen? What if life on another planet isn't carbon based? What if life develops on another planet that's able to withstand, what we would consider, temperature extremes? I mean, it seems pretty narrow minded to think that life couldn't exist on another planet simply because the conditions aren't ideal for us. Right?

On another note:
Did you see the man in the picture above?
That's a real picture of the Eagle Nebula!

Looks like a man with a very clear face holding his hands out,
or at least I think it does : )

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