Wednesday, July 14, 2010

your boundries don't interest me

Philippe Halsman - In Voluptas Mors, a Salvador Dali portrait  

Voluptas (latin) or Hedone (greek) is the Goddess of pleasure (hence Hedonism),
daughter of the God Eros (love - also known as Cupid) and Goddess Psyche (soul).

I find myself a student of the great Hedonists: Democritus, the extinct Carvaka school of thought, Michael Onfrey - a French fellow, the extinct Cyrenaic people, and John Stuart Mill - a brilliant Brit (utilitarianism).

and by hedonism I mean the actual definition of 'pleasure and contentment as the sole goal of life' and not the image that springs to mind as defined by our society

*although I find myself interested and enthralled I cannot say that I agree with everything I find. To my utter frustration, the only consistency in my thought lies in my utter rejection of any organized religion or school of thought. I seek the truths that lie within my soul, and refuse to accept knowledge as truth without examining every aspect from every angle conceivable. I might be here awhile. I dislike the word awhile, it makes my tongue feel funny.

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