Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Classes

Summer Classes suck. No doubt about it. I don't think I've ever taken a summer class before, but it's a requirement to graduate in the state of Florida.

I'm trying to get ahead on some of my classwork so I don't have much to do while I'm recovering. Two days until surgery :(
So I'm so far ahead that 2 days in to my summer classes I've already done my 1st 20 hours of Spanish and 2 Chapters/Lectures of Forensics and take the first test! 100%!!!

It's so hot. hot hot hot here in FL. Already in the 90's and it's only May! Well speaking of May, next year we are tentatively thinking that we'll get married next Memorial Day weekend, which happens to be May 31st. Sooo that means we need to start planning. ASAP. and after my surgery Pat and I are going on a wicked diet. I'm thinking of talking to one of those medical weight loss clinics if they're not too expensive.

Have a great week!

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