Saturday, June 6, 2009

a robbery took place tonight

Less than half a mile from our house,
there is a Tattoo parlor.
Tonight, a man was shot in the face at that Tattoo parlor,
an armed burglary.

We were driving to Publix when we saw about 10 cop cars surrounding the place,
but having heard that multiple drug sweeps were being conducted
we assumed that it was just another drug bust

This is the third armed robbery in our area in a short amount of time.
The first was less than a mile from Pat's work - an armed bank robbery
The second was about half way between work and home - an armed Subway robbery
This tattoo parlor robbery is the third in about 3 months.
It's terrifying to live around such violence.

It's gotten to the point were its too dangerous to go outside at night.
Even within our community, a car was stolen and one was broken into and a GPS was stolen.

I am so glad to be moving.
This area is so sketchy
The ghetto is directly behind us, but the surrounding area doesn't look that bad.

Stay safe everyone, these are some bad times

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