Monday, October 5, 2009

USF drama

Lockdown at the Tampa
campus this afternoon!
I've been getting alert texts
since about 2pm this afternoon,
apparently there were two separate
and unrelated people detained.

One guy apparently had a gun and
threatened a bombing at the Library.
Another guy, was apparently wearing
a wife beater, a cowboy hat, and carrying
a black puppy and a hunting knife.

Anyway, they caught the first
guy on the Bull Runner ( bus system )
and they detained the second guy.

On a totally unrelated note,
Jon Gosselin is a huge asshole.
He totally deserves all the bad
karma coming his way. He made
this his fault. Ugh.
Jon Gosselin - you make me sick.

Up side of today?
I got a job interview!!!
Thursday morning :)
wish me luck!


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