Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fingers Crossed - Interview

I had my interview with
the school this morning!
It's for an aide position,
9 -1pm Mon.-Fri..
Perfect for me!
I'm really really hoping I
get this job.
It will relieve so much
undue stress...
at least I hope it will :)

So they told me that I would
be working for two hours in the library in the morning,
and then for two hours in the caf. at lunch time.
Sounds easy enough. I actually hope they
give me more responsibilities than just that though.
Perhaps with time.
I'm also trying to get an internship, with the school
psychologist that Robin works with. However,
they don't generally give undergrads internships.
She thinks that they might let me sit in on some EEP
meetings - which we just happened to learn about in
my Tests and Measures class last week.

Doctors appointment this afternoon :(,
however my mom is taking me shopping
when she gets off for my birthday!!!
4 days!

Keep your Fingers Crossed for me!!!

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