Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG bonuses?!?! what?!?! Why in the world do they need bonuses?! They must make 6 figures already to be getting such huge bonuses!

A 90% tax on bonuses over $250,000 is NOT enough. NO bailout money should have ever been used to pad the pockets of these men.... Those who do not voluntarily return 100% of the bonus should be sacked immediately.

But of course, it was legal...

Apparently the stimulus package contained a clause allowing this to happen.... Told you they didn't read it.
I'm getting a little tired of all this... these people that head major corporations need a little less money and a little more conscience. If they still feel like giving away bailout money they ought to go around and give it to those who desperately need it. Ugh, sometimes I'm sick about the things that others somehow justify in their minds.

I'm feeling a little iffy about this administration... none of the people Mr. Prez chose (for major positions) had paid their taxes, the bailouts are going towards vacations, redecorating and now to sick bonuses.

On a lighter note,

It's Spring tomorrow! :) which for Florida means hot and wet :( but at least the water will warm up! (pic: abc news)

Oh Bernie Madoff, no no no you should not be allowed out on bail....or maybe it should be set at 50 billion so those poor poor people can be reimbursed. He has destroyed these peoples lives and needs to pay for it. Being able to return to his mansion or penthouse or whatever is not my idea of a punishment. You know if he's let out he'll just do some offshore shuffling so that he can retain as much dirty money as he can.

I would like to know how no one realized this was happening. I don't mean the investors but someone must have been monitoring his investing right?? Ahh, What a corrupt world we live in.

you know, I don't yet have any money to invest but when I do I'll be really weary of anyone who could possibly screw me over. I think I'll invest in my savings account or CD's or something. It's really sad that you have to watch your back all the time, it's really really sad that you can't trust anyone.


My thoughts go out to the family of Natasha Richardson.

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