Monday, March 9, 2009

Kimmel, Stem Cells and Lyme Disease

Jimmy Kimmel as Rosie O'Donnell - on the View.
HA freaking hilarious!
I can't imagine a more annoying woman.
His bra was full of koosh balls which he periodically pulled out of his shirt and threw to the audience :) lol

Stem cell research - Yay! I don't really understand why it was banned before now. Imagine all the people that this research can help, nervous systems issues, Parkinson's, diabetes etc... I understand that people think that it's human lives that are being destroyed but these embryos are man-made anyway (donated to science after being made for in-vitro purposes)( These blastocycsts would otherwise be thawed and disposed of - unless you're the octomom and decide to have as many children as you have embryos). An embryo, outside the body, is no more a person than the cells you lose daily. I'd also like to point out that even most implanted embryos die or do not induce pregnancy and are discarded by the body.

As you probably know, in Illinois a pastor was shot by a gunman during a church service. What?!? I'm not particularly religious, but that it ridiculous. They don't even have a motive... What would possess someone to take a life? Especially in front of an entire congregation...
My thoughts are with those who were injured and their families.

Thank God the gun jammed or there may have been even more casualties... I believe that two others were stabbed while trying to take the gunman down. The gunman apparently stabbed himself repeatedly... Fox News says that the gunman has developed a mental illness after suffering from Lyme disease... I had no idea it was SO dangerous.

BTW... Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete ( type of bacteria ), the bacteria grows in the stomach of the ticks (deer ticks in particular) and is transmitted to humans when the tick bites you.

Symptoms: rash at bite site (or red bump) that fades over time(a week or so), flu like symptoms... as the disease progresses- joint pain, neuro symptoms like numbness, and in late stages memory loss, concentration troubles and sleep disturbances.

If you think you have it - see a doctor asap.

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