Saturday, March 7, 2009

So tonight we saw Burn After Reading.

It was awful. Plain and simple.

I'm not sure if the directors were trying to be clever or not, but the plot was thin and entirely too disconnected. There was no thinking involved in this movie... not on the part of the director, the actors, nor the viewer... unless you were thinking, 'what the...'?!?!.

This is not one for the kids. Everyone is sleeping with everyone else, divorce all around, gruesome murders, not to mention some fairly useless blackmail, oh and language. Ugh. Not that I hate all that normally, but it was just so senseless.

I usually love some good old-fashioned blackmail movies, CIA, FBI, what have you... but this really flopped in my eyes. Don't waste your time.

I'd ask for a refund, but it was On Demand.

Saw on AOL today that Rihanna may be taking Chris Brown back??? and getting married?!?!What is she thinking?! I'm not particularly a fan of her or her music but I am worried about the message she's sending to the kids that look up to her.
Maybe she should do some kind of PSA about domestic violence... at the moment she's as good as telling people that abusive relationships are worth the hassle. This is ridiculous. As a public figure, she should step up and leave his sorry behind. So many people could learn from her example and realize that being abused by anyone is NOT ok. Personally, I want the person I trust and choose to be in a relationship with to respect me enough to not beat me. ... Yeah.

Best of luck Rihanna.

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