Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mixed Blessings?

Crazzzy day...

Let's start with the good.

We went to look at an apt down by the mall,
and the guy said he might have a job for me!
I'd be a leasing agent :)
Totally perfect because of Pat's
construction business idea.
So this will help me tremendously.
That guy was awesome,
he even stayed late to show us around.

So, Thank You Lee V. :)

Alright, as for the not so good...
We're looking for a new apt. because
we're having a major problem with our landlord
she just doesn't like me.
I mean to the point that she said "hate".

The hardest part is that our landlord happens to
be in Pat's family....

I'm not really sure why she dislikes me so much either.
It's not like it wasn't obvious.
Or like she was polite to me in the past.
But she had it out with Pat today.
Well, actually that's a lie...
I know why she doesn't like me.
But I'm sure you wouldn't believe me if I told you,
Why? because it's just ridiculous.
No joke. She actually said that.

I dunno, I felt kinda guilty at first because
Pat told her we wouldn't be seeing her
anymore. So I kinda felt like I was splitting
the family up. But to be honest, I don't think I
could have been any nicer to her.
In the almost six years I've been with Pat,
she's never said one nice thing to me,
and I've never said one rude thing to her.
Not even remotely.
It's just insane.
But it's over.
Thank God.

So, getting ready to move
for the second time in 2 months.

On the up side, It was a
beautiful day :)

Have a good week!

oh and I kicked ass on my
first test this semester!

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